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The most common applications Sprayed Insulated Cork is used for is for rehabilitation.  The fact that the material is flexible prevents the occurrence of shrinkage cracks and slight movements by settlement building in new construction.  Another very important aspect is the elimination of internal condensation.


The cork shifts traditional systems both its versatility to rehabilitate and decorate simultaneously.  It provides fast execution and also provides spectacular decorative aesthetics.


We have a large number of projects in which you can compare the results and the aesthetics and durability of the material over time without being affected by weather, unlike other solutions on the market.


Vipeq's Sprayed Insulated Cork system is suitable for the large number of existing brickwork buildings, greatly enhancing its thermal and acoustic performance, fire safety and breathability for a healthier indoor environment.  Unlike painting, the durability of the system provides spectacular decorative aesthetics and makes it the ONLY system recommended for the rehabilitation of such buildings.

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