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With wood, a hammer and the right hardware, you can build almost anything. Well, that’s what we believe. At Simpson Strong-Tie, we have been helping engineers, architects, contractors and other construction professionals build safe, strong homes, buildings and decks for six decades. Our products and research are recognized for increasing a home's resilience to high winds, hurricanes and earthquake forces.

Simpson Strong-Tie products include metal connectors, such as hurricane ties and joist hangers, shearwall panels to reinforce a home's walls, concrete anchors, fasteners (nails and screws) and deck hardware. These products are used to support and strengthen the structural frame of homes and decks. Although many of our products are hidden inside a home's walls, they play an important role in making sure a house is built strong and stays together, especially during a natural disaster.

Our products are also used for many do-it-yourself projects – from fixing a fence post to building shelves for your garage or a pergola for your backyard.  

We believe in quality craftsmanship, safety and doing it right the first time around.


For more information about us, visit our websites:

For professionals: strongtie.com

For homeowners: safestronghome.com

For diyers: diydoneright.com

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