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Sika Canada Inc. is a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals. For over a century, Sika products have been used successfully on job sites across the world. Sika’s portfolio includes roofing systems, concrete admixtures, mortars and resins, sealants and adhesives, structural strengthening components, industrial and decorative flooring, as well as protective coatings and waterproofing systems. Such a range enables construction professionals to embrace virtually any challenge ‘’From Roof to Foundations’’ in new construction or refurbishment. Beyond the quality and performance of its products, Sika has earned its reputation by offering an unparalleled level of expertise and support.

Product Ranges for DIY Markets
• Expansive Foams & Accessories: Sika Boom® AS/AS-PRO, AS ARCTIC, PRO Cleaner, PRO Dispenser Gun
• Self-levelling Screeds, underlayments, and Primers: Sika® Level 125CA – Sika® Level SkimCoatCA – Sika® Level Primers – Sikafloor® Level-25CA/-50CA
• Joint Sealants & Adhesives: Sikaflex® Range – SikaBond® Construction Adhesive – Sikasil® Silicone Sealants
• Concrete Repair Mortars & Additives: Sika® MonoTop® Range – SikaQuick® Range – Sikacrete® – SikaGrout® – Sikacem® Accelerator & Sika® Latex R – Sika® PowerSet
• Waterproofing mortars and coatings: SikaTop® Seal-107CA – Sikagard® Natural Look Clear Sealer
• Anchoring Resins & Injection Resins for Crack Repairs: Sika AnchorFix® Range – Sika® Post Fix – Sikadur® Crack Fix – SikaFix® PU/Kit

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