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PinkShield™ Fire retardant intumescent paint

Developed by Cano Coatings Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta, PinkShield™ is a high-end, fire retardant intumescent paint formulated to reduce damages that can occur from fire and moisture. Through the use of our specialized formula, PinkShield™ will slow the rate of flame spread allowing for more time to save what’s important. In areas of high moisture, PinkShield’s dry paint film helps to resist mildew growth - ideal for wood framed basements, attics and crawl spaces.

PinkShield is used by Cano Coatings Inc. to fire protect millions of linear feet of lumber and OSB sold to numerous home builders, contractors and renovators. Cano Coating’s PKBoard, a structural fire-rated sheathing coated with PinkShield technology, is available at local lumber yards and select retail stores in Western Canada.

Cano Coating’s PinkShield fire protective paint is now available to companies and homeowners who want to give their building project PINK COAT protection!




1) DELAY THE IGNITION OF A FIRE: When wood coated with PinkShield intumescent paint is exposed to flame, the coating begins to expand and forms a protective barrier between the ignition source and the wood. This barrier delays the time it takes for wood to actually ignite and sustain a flame compared to uncoated lumber.

2) REDUCE THE SPREAD OF FIRE: Should a fire occur, wood coated with PinkShield intumescent paint slows the spread of flame, providing additional time for occupants to escape the building and emergency services to combat the fire.

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