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Filtrete® Furnace Filters

2013 Filtrete Brand Commercial with Mike Holmes

"Accept no substitute." -- Mike Holmes, America's most trusted contractor.

Filtrete® Furnace Filters. A better filter means better air.

“The most important systems in your home are the ones you don't see - including the systems that control the air your family breathes. I trust Filtrete® filters to help clean the air on my job site and in my home. You can trust them to do the same for you.”  - Mike Holmes

Indoor air commonly contains particles like pollen, mold spores, dust-mite debris and other allergens. Some of these particles, like household dust, are visible to the naked eye. Others, like particles that can carry viruses, bacteria and odors, are microscopic. To help reduce the amount of airborne particles, it’s important to use a high-efficiency air filter on your furnace.

To learn more about the technology behind Filtrete® Filters visit: www.filtrete.com

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