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Durock P.U.C.C.S.™ Stucco System

"Exterior Insulated Finish System" - Mike's Ultimate Garage: Inside Look

When it came to the exterior of his garage, Mike wanted a system that not only provided a great insulation but also a unique look. Watch as the pros at Dessano Stucco install the DuROCK CanaROCK Pre-fabricated Panels and PUCCS exterior insulated finish systems.

EIFS is an exterior insulated finish system. The system uses rigid foam boards that are installed over the waterproof membrane or moisture barrier on exterior sheathing. They increase the R-value on exterior walls by adding extra insulation and help drain any moisture caught behind a home’s exterior. The boards are then coated with a basecoat, mesh and acrylic finish.

Pressure-Utilized Compartmented Cavity System (PUCCS) is a unique kind of EIFS. The patented design of the foam boards is key to the system’s performance. The boards are flat on one side with circular, puck-looking compartments on the other, so if moisture gets in it can flow through the cavities in between the pucks all the way to the drainage track at the bottom of the wall.

DuROCK’s PUCCS is the ultimate in continuous exterior insulation technology.

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